Beautiful Sign

Artist: Cookie Rabinowitz

Beautiful Sign

Where is the magic? They got us al falling for their cheap tricks
When the truth is too tragic, we’re expected to fix everything in the mix

Oh my mama never lied, she said son enjoy the ride
Can’t be anything you want, just be happy how you is

Ain’t much good in a beautiful sign
Unless you got beauty inside

Oh I got dirty laundry, so I use up the box before I’m standing on it
And before I get salty, be known I’m cleaning up well though I have taken my licks

Oh my daddy never lied, he said son enjoy the ride
just remember where you’re from, don’t get caught up in that biz

Don’t end up with a beautiful sign
Hung on a building with nothing inside

Get that chip off your shoulder
And as you get older

Maybe take a few trips around the block you reside

Ain’t much good in a beautiful sign, unless you got beauty inside

Bass, Guitars – Tone Whitfield
EVI – John Swana
Drums – Fred Berman
Piano – Tony Reyes
Additional sounds and Mix – Erik Horvitz

©2015 Julius Curcio

Vocals – Cookie Rabinowitz