Everybody's Blue

Artist: Cookie Rabinowitz


Ones on the ground starin’ at the stars
Ones lookin’ down gazin’ at his shoes
We all come from a different place
The same color different shades

It gets cold out here
Everybody’s Blue

One cries all night cuz she’s all alone
One prays to god that he don’t come home

One skimming gains off the companies stock
One runnin’ games and flippin’ bags on the block
Both wind up in the very same cell
The same punch line in the stories they tell

Ones given up loading up his his gun
One just found out only got 6 months
We all wind up in the same place

It gets cold out here
Everybody’s Blue

© 2010 Julius Curcio/Tony Reyes

Vocals, Bass – Cookie Rabinowitz
Keys – Tony Reyes